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 When it comes to glamour and elegance, I am pleased to share my newest winning custom design, setting a new standard for the show ring.

The fabrication of this lead and collar combination was a  labor of love project  suggested by a customer who wanted a sparkling show set. Working with my customers, I delight in creating one of a kind products, from the most modest to the most dazzling!
Meticulously selected, the bead sets and leather were carefully chosen and finalized, captivating a distinctive and rich finish. Imported, aluminum laser cut beads in silver and gold off set the bling spacers, knots and silver spacer beads which dance against the golden, metallic kangaroo braid.
The final effect? Spectacular!



This is my line of leather dog equipment, custom made and hand braided from the finest Australian lace in the market. Whether you fancy a simple, high quality lead and collar, or perhaps an embellished, showy design with imported, jewellery quality beads or designer knots, my objective is to create a finished product that will provide years of satisfaction and pleasure for both you and you dog.


Let me add some sparkle to your next show!

Here is a small sample of my designs .

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  Introducing our New - 1/4" leather!!
Available in Pink, Turquoise, Green, Silver, Natural and Black!


This is a small selection of designs, made up in our new 1/4" leather.

The top one is Turquoise.   The design includes one of our Brand New Silver core Faceted beads, flanked by our Laser Cut beads.

The second is Green.  This design also included one of our New Silver Core Faceted beads, flanked by our Laser Cut beads.

The third is a Turquoise and Green Combo. This design also features our new Silver Core Faceted bead,flanked by Laser Cut beads/

The forth is Pink. This design shows how well the pink Laser Cut bead looks with the silver laser cuts as accents.

The bottom one is a pink and white combo in 1/8" leather to give you a prospective.  This design shows our new Facted beads without a core, along with the design above.





This example is black leather with tiny bead sets

The throat piece is black leather as well.


Purple Foil Lampwork beads and the Beautiful "Bling" spacers

"Bling" Spacers....Click Here



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