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It is my personal pride and privilege to introduce you to KomfortKrate Kangaroo. This is my line of leather dog equipment, custom made and hand braided from the finest Australian lace in the market. Whether you fancy a simple, high quality lead and collar, or perhaps an embellished, showy design with imported, jewellery quality beads or designer knots, my objective is to create a finished product that will provide years of satisfaction and pleasure for both you and you dog.




Designing and staying on the cutting edge is a creative outlet and reflection of my personality in wanting to offer the best of the best. For my customers, all of my leather products are sealed with my “satisfaction guaranteed”.




There are so many different needs when owning a dog! Keeping them secure and stylish is just the niche’ KomfortKrate Kangaroo delivers. Whether you are a pet owner wanting to match a nice lead and collar to your dog for daily use, a sportsman who wants the strongest leather in the world when working in the field, or a dog show enthusiast who frequents the competitive show ring, seeking a winning look above and beyond the rest, my leads and collars will not disappoint.





From the tiny toys to the gentle giants, KomfortKrate Kangaroo is a one size fits all for quality, endurance and function. Toss on what I like to call, “bling” and the sky is the limit, offering endless combinations of leather, beads and custom knots far above the ordinary.





My stock inventory of products is selected with great scrutiny. Australian kangaroo lace is the finest available; it only gets better with age. Buttery soft and comfortable in hand, the same comfort is enjoyed by your dog. If beads are your fancy, you will be delighted with our expansive inventory! It is highly sought after, offering the best available quality and selection in the market.




I invite you to browse my finished designs and contact me with your personal projects and ideas. Please note, new designs are frequently added, so check back often! And, not to worry - no job is ever too big, or too small. Custom braiding is my specialty, based upon your ideas and needs.




Please let my examples serve your imagination in helping to create the perfect design for your dog.





Our KomfortKrate Beds:

Are quite unique.  They are like cuddly little dens or burrows.  Our dogs love them, so do a growing list of customers.  See KomfortKrate Beds.

KomfortKrate Beds came about because our newly acquired Miniature Pinscher was always burrowing under blankets and I was afraid someone would sit on her!  I made the first one for her crate.  Big Girl liked it so much, I made another one for the family room.  To make long story short, along come more dogs and lots more KomfortKrate Beds!!




 We now make a variety of sizes, from Chihuahua (XXS) to Doberman (XXL) size.  We haven't forgotten the coated breeds, we make a topless model, just for you!







Our Nursery Beds:

Are equally unique.  They are designed for newborn puppies, especially the Toy and Miniature Breeds.  


What makes these beds so Unique and Special is that the bottom of the bed is a full size pouch, where one can insert a heating pad for the babies. The bed has top and bottom ties keeping the cord safe from mom and babies preventing injury by chewing. The second use for it is just the opposite, it can be used for an ice pack to bring the temperature down without getting the dog wet.   See KomfortKrate Nursery Beds.


 This bed was suggested by Shelley of Lotza Kennels.  The bed is designed for wire crates and has multiple ties on the top and bottom to secure it in place.


Brenda Kells.







I am also very open to suggestions, if there is something you want and can't find, check with me and I'll see if I can help.


Our Products are all Handmade, crafted of the finest quality material.  We have a wide variety of products, sizes and colours, from which to choose.  All of our products are extremely durable.

Every cloth product is completely machine washable (on cold) and just toss them in the dryer (on low or air).







I'm also pleased to announce, that I'm a member of -

The Australian Plaiters and Whipmakers Association.  






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